Monday, April 29, 2013

Read Exchange 2010 IIS Logs using Logparser

Whenever you get a call to fetch details from log it is very difficult.First of all it will be very huge .
It may not open in normal notepad or textpad applications.These occassions Logparser is very usefull.It helped me alot.
Here the requirement for to fetech details from IIS logs of exchnage 2010 CAS server which includes user and source of the user logged in.Find the below command which may help you.

LogParser.exe "select cs-username as userid, cs(user-agent) as devicetype, c-ip as client, time as time from <LogPath> where cs-uri-stem like '%owa/%' and cs-username is not null group by time, userid, devicetype, client" -rtp:-1 > c:\filename.csv

If you have any other suggession feel free to comment here.

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